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Does your PC suffer from any of the following:-?

Over a period of time you may notice your PC is not performing as it did when first new. There can be numerous reasons for this but the main two reasons are usually that the system is old technology and is struggling to run the new programmes of today and secondly can be down to the whole system is bogged down with old files and registry junk.

We always say that a PC needs an annual 'MOT' which involves giving the machine a good clean to clear out the dust inside the case, an operating system re-install and a general health-check of the machine to ensure all is running to the best of its abilities to meet your needs.

RAUNDS IT can improve the running of your PC by up to 75% (if not more) by giving your PC a complete health check and overhaul.  Windows is very memory intensive and by increasing the RAM memory and reinstalling the operating system can often significantly improve your PC's performance giving an almost new machine feel. It is not always necessary to buy a new machine when simple maintenance can almost do the same job.