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1.   Does RAUNDS IT charge by the hour?

NO.  We never charge by the hour.  All jobs are charged on a

fixed fee basis with parts charged as an extra.  If the job is more complicated than originally quoted that’s our problem not yours.

2.   Does RAUNDS IT charge a call-out fee?

NO.  We do not charge a call out fee to collect and deliver your computer back to your home.  We will also install your computer and re-connect you to your broadband provider free of charge.  No wires to


3.    When can we call RAUNDS IT?  Can we call in an emergency?

We are available 24/7 in an emergency.  We often have same day appointments available, including weekends and evenings, to suit your busy lifestyle.  We operate a 24 hour service with emergency appointments available should they be needed.

4.    Does RAUNDS IT support small businesses as well as home-users?

YES!!  We support many small businesses and can offer appointments out of hours so your busy day is not interrupted.

5.   I’ve just brought a new computer.  Can you help?

YES.  We come to you and set up your computer for you and install any software you have.  We connect you to the internet and can offer training in how to get the best use out of your computer.