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Data Recovery and Transfer

Sudden hardware failure can cause the loss of critical data stored on your PC  is your situation due to any of the below:-.  


RAUNDS IT can offer several alternatives and can certainly recover most data from almost every situation and any operating system.  We will back up your data onto a suitable storage device and restore your PC and data to a useable state with all your data transferred ready for use.  We can replace any faulty hardware at the same time.  

There may be cases, however, where data is very difficult for us to recover.  In that instance RAUNDS IT can arrange for the hard-drive to be sent to a specialist laboratory where the data can be recovered in a 'clean room' environment.

It is very important that if you do suffer data loss that you do not attempt to recover this yourself as this may seriously hinder the ability for our engineer to recover your data.

RAUNDS IT can offer various solutions on how to back-up your data on a regular basis to avoid the loss of sensitive data.  Some data may still be lost if a hardware crash occurs before an incremental back-up occurs but the majority of data will be stored elsewhere allowing for data to be transferred across to allow work to continue whilst a small amount on data is recovered.

If you have purchased a new PC and would like the data transferred from your old PC to your new one RAUNDS IT can undertake this work for you.  

RAUNDS IT are able to transfer all data that you have stored on your PC and provide you with a back-up copy for your convenience.

RAUNDS IT can in 90% of cases recover accidentally deleted data which is often business critical or of high sentimental importance, even if it has been over-written (although this is not recommended as it does make it much harder, if not impossible, to recover the data.  Please call us straight away if this happens and we can use special software and tools to recover your data.

  • Computer does not boot or recognise hard drive
  • Computer viruses may have disabled the computer
  • Damage caused by power surge or failure
  • Corrupt or missing critical file system structures
  • Partitioning or start-up problems
  • Hard drives that have been ‘fdisked’ or formatted
  • Accidental erasure of files on USB memory sticks/storage devices/hard drives
  • Loss of business data ie, contacts, accounts and working files
  • Loss of sentimental photographs from the hard drive

At our daughters first birthday party we took lots of lovely photos of the whole family on my digital camera.  I then allowed my husband to use the camera on a family day out.  He somehow managed to delete ALL of our daughters birthday party.  I called Paul at RAUNDS IT on a Sunday in a panic and he came straight round and recovered all of the photos for me.  The cost was £50 but the real cost of recovering precious photographs was priceless.  Thank you so much.  


From Alex, Bedford