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Custom Built Computer Systems

Why buy a custom built computer and not just buy an off the shelf computer?

Well, buying an off the shelf computer will be instant and you will have your machine home in  no time.  The machine will be a standard machine that will meet most of your requirements out of the box.   You will need to install the machine and software yourself and deal with any problems through the shop or manufacturer.

Buying a custom built computer opens up a totally new experience for the computer user.  Your machine will be built from scratch to your own specification to match your needs using quality components.  The table below demonstrates how what you will and won't get when you use RAUNDS IT to build your machine.

What you can expect?

What you won’t get

  • Full consultation on a one-to-one basis between you and our consultant.  We will listen to your requirements and guide you every step of the way.
  • A hard sell technique with different consultants.  You will always deal with the same consultant who will know your needs and computer in depth.
  • Your PC will be tailored to meet your exact needs with no added components that you do not need.
  • An off the shelf PC!
  • We will install all software prior to delivering the machine to you, so it is ready for you to use straight away. We install only the software you require.

  • A machine laden with unwanted trial software.
  • All of our computers come with a full after sales service in addition to the components manufacturers warranty. FREE telephone support is available when you need it.

  • Charged premium rate numbers to call a call centre.  You will always speak to the consultant who built your machine who will be familiar with you and your PC.
  • Your PC will be delivered to you once built and set up in your home. Our consultant will demonstrate the machine and show you how to use it.  When you are happy we are happy.


  • Charged an hourly rate or charged extra to deliver and install your machine.

We build and supply any desktop, media centre or server machine to suit most budgets.  A sample of some of our builds are listed below.


We supply and build specialist gaming machines.   The difference between a standard desktop computer and a gaming machine is that gaming computers are specially built with power and performance in mind to run the modern games of today which are often memory and graphic hungry.  A typical gaming machine will have 4GB or more of RAM memory,  one or more hard large hard drives, powerful graphics and sound cards,  large power supply and powerful fans to keep the machine cool.  All of this is then coupled with a good quality LCD monitor to complete the ultimate gaming experience.

Gaming machines are not cheap machines.  But you get an awful lot of machine for the money.  Our gaming machines start from £1,000 upwards.


Media Centre Computers are a desktop PC and a Home Theatre all in one.  They can be designed to look like a piece of hi-fi equipment, and run super silent whilst being very powerful.  Media Centre Computers can be used as a normal PC and can be used wirelessly through your TV, can record television programmes, play DVD’s and Blu-Ray DVD’s, be used as a gaming console,  play MP3 music and store and view your photos through the television.  A very versatile and modern piece of computer equipment that suits the whole family. Our media centre computers start from £600 upwards.



RAUNDS IT are able to custom build any home or office computer, or server, and can supply printers, software and all consumables.  All systems are built to do the job the customer requires and we will only use quality components.  All machines that are built by RAUNDS IT undergo vigorous testing before being installed at our customers premises.  Again, the cost of having your system built may be slightly more than if you bought a machine ‘off the shelf’ but it will meet your needs exactly, be expandable, fully tested and installed at your premises.   Our home and office computers start from £600 upwards.