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Upgrading your computer


Is your computer struggling to keep up with your needs? Does this sound a familiar story?

It may be that your computer is aged or suffering from a failure of one of its components.  In many cases it is not necessary to replace the whole computer.  There are many solutions to the above problems and upgrading your computer can often be a cost effective solution and turn your computer into a new computer.

Common parts that often require replacement are:-

In most cases by performing a complete software reinstall and upgrading the RAM memory can improve your computer’s performance significantly without the need to buy a new computer.

Of course not all computers are economical to repair or upgrade where, for example, the computer is several years old.  It may well be the case that we may replace a significant component, for example a motherboard, to find another major component fails quickly afterwards simply due to age.  In this instance RAUNDS IT will advise against upgrading and offer alternative advice.

  • RAM Memory
  • CPU
  • CD/DVD
  • Motherboard
  • Power Supply
  • Monitor
  • Graphics card
  • Hard Drive
  • Operating System
  • BIOS updates
  • Is your computer running slowly and slow to start?
  • Are you running out of space on your hard-drive?
  • Are you unable to run the latest software?
  • Is your computer suffering from hardware/component failure