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Computer Repairs


It's sod's law that you are working away and have important work to do and 'whoosh' your PC lets your down.  It may be that you have an intermittent fault that you just can't 'put your finger on’.  But whatever it is it's causing you a problem and you need the PC to just work.  RAUNDS IT can deal with any of the problems listed below... and MORE!  We are often presented with challenging issues and our engineer loves a challenge!

Whatever your problem we can probably solve the problem.  There's not much we haven't seen and repaired.

If we can't fix your problem remember we won't charge   you - NO FIX NO FEE!


  • All PC/Laptop repairs
  • Diagnosing faults
  • Blue screen errors

  • Dead' computers
  • BIOS upgrades
  • Registry repairs
  • Hardware installation
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Driver errors
  • DLL errors
  • Intermittent faults
  • Unexplained errors