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Internet and Wireless Installation

The internet is a very useful tool to have, with 63% of households who own a computer having broadband.  There are numerous internet service providers (ISP'S) offering broadband services ie, BT, Virgin, Tesco, Talk Talk and also mobile broadband service providers ie, Vodafone and Orange.

There are two ways of getting your computer connected to the internet:-

1. Wired connection from your broadband socket via a router to your PC via an  ethernet cable.  This method requires your PC to be in one location.

2. Wireless connection (WiFi) from your broadband socket via a wireless router  to your PC.  Wireless broadband simply means broadband without the wires.  It enables you to share your broadband connection with more than one  computer or device in your home. Wireless internet access is good for families  who might want to use the internet on different computers at the same time,  gamers using wireless gaming consoles (PS3 or X-Box) and laptop users who  want to use their laptop anywhere in their house. This option gives great flexibility as your PC or laptop can be located in any room and there were  are  no wires to connect.

How do I connect devices to WiFi?

Any computers or devices which you want to connect to wireless broadband need to have a wireless adapter. This will be built in to new laptops, PCs and games consoles and these devices will be labelled "wireless enabled". Older computers and laptops can work wirelessly by connecting a wireless adapter to a USB port. These can be purchased from £20 onwards.

Are there any security issues with wireless broadband?

WiFi works by sending information over radio waves - this means that anybody who has a receiver and is within the radio coverage can access your wireless network. If others gain access to your wireless internet connection they could potentially access your computer too so it's a good idea to make your connection secure. If you get a wireless router from your broadband provider it will normally be secure already. If you buy one separately you'll be prompted to set up security during the installation process and it's important to do so.

What are the advantages of wireless broadband?

A wireless broadband connection lets you move around the house with your laptop, games console or desktop PC, all the while staying connected to the internet. You can even connect phones and PDAs to your home WiFi network.

This means that everyone can use their  devices at the same time and connect to the internet.

Are there any disadvantages?

You need to make sure that you have the correct level of security set up to protect your wireless network and ensure that hackers, or just neighbours and passers by can’t use your internet without your permission. Depending on your provider, you might also have to send your router back if you decide to move to a different ISP - forcing you to get a new one.

RAUNDS IT can configure and install your broadband via any of the methods listed above, can advise and provide you with suitable routers and can wirelessly connect all the devices and printer in your household.